28 thoughts on “An Unbeatable Career in the Armed Forces

    1. Your question in not clear. Basically for join Air force you need to appear for the selection exam and interview process. If you are selected the training and every other cost related to the training is borne by the goverment.


    1. Yes you can apply through the Combined Defence Entry which is for graduates. Once you pass the exam you go through the Services selection board. if selected you get trained at IMA . Army has a separate corp fo the engineers where you can use your technical skills


    1. Yes you can join the Army as Doctor at undergraduate stage through the AFMC entry. Post MBBS as well there are Doctor entry into the army, Once you join Army you have ample opportunities to specialise and do research as well. You have very good scope to grow and flourish as a doctor in the Army


    1. Sorry the age limit for joining defence forces is 24 years. Probabably you can try for terriotrial army which is more of a temporary service.


    1. Thats a great question . The answer is no. Itas challenging because you may be posted to a remote place where in there are no active believers church .
      Itas a misnomer or a MIisconception that you can’t be a Christian in the defence . It is like any other professions, wherein you set your standards and the organisation does allow you to practice your faith unhindered. Hope this answers your question


  1. I am currently in my 9th grade and I am selected for the NCC ( Army Branch).
    What certificates should I complete and what should I study after 10th to join the Indian Army ?
    And what are the camps recommend to join during the NCC to have an advantage in the Indian Army.


    1. NNC entry is very selective and i done only post grudaution . You need to have an NCC C certificate. However you can also apply fot NDA when you are in 12th Standard. You need to prepare for about 8 to 12 months for your writen exam which covers your maths portions from 7th to 10th standard and rest if english an=d general knowledge. Post Written if you qualify you have the Services selection board – SSB. NDA can be joined immerdiately as soon as you pass your 12th. So you need not wait till getting your NCC c Cetifcate in case you qualify for NDA


  2. I am in my 9th standard
    My goal is to manufacture defense or multi-role fighter jets (technical side)
    What should I do after my 10th?


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